3 Hottest Lingerie Colors Every Woman Needs In Her Drawer

You have had your eyes on the perfect pair of cheeky panties for a while. You know it will drive him wild when he sees you in it. You have chosen the style you want to buy and you have taken all your measurements. Now all you need to do is click ‘Buy’, but wait! Do you know which color you want to get it in? The right color is the difference between lingerie that is sizzling hot and one that is a dud.

Sure, you can opt for the classic black, but why not mix things up a little bit and add a pop of color to your underwear drawer in the process? Colors can instantly-lift up the mood in the bedroom and your significant other will surely appreciate the vibrant palette.

Here are some of the hottest lingerie color trends for you to choose from:


When you think sexy, lacy lingerie, green is probably not the first color that comes to mind, right? But being sexy is sometimes all about being unique and taking the adventurous route. Green is one of the unexpected shades that can surely brighten up your and your partner’s mood. It is classy and elegant but still has the power to spice things up for you.


Nothing beats the allure of sassy red underwear. The confidence that a pair of well-fitted bright red crotchless panties can give you is unmatched. Red is the color of love and passion. It is the perfect choice of color to keep things hot and exciting in the bedroom. And the best part about it is that it suits all skin tones and hair colors, so you don’t have to give it much thought before you buy it.


If you love wearing pink, why not let your lingerie reflect that too? Pink lingerie has a certain playfulness to it and is insanely seductive. It is also a beautiful color to celebrate a special occasion such as Valentine’s Day or your anniversary. Also, there are endless shades that you can choose from, ranging from dusty pink to fuchsia.

You may be used to sticking to black, white, or your favorite nudes, but trust us when we say, good (and sexy) things happen when you step out of your color comfort zone.

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  • Sep 22, 2020
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