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Sofishie Sexy Midnight Bow-Tie Panties

Sofishie Sexy Midnight Bow-Tie Panties

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Bow Tie Panties Just Got Sexier Than Ever Before

Are you planning a hot date, or do you just want things to escalate quickly in the bedroom? Our Sexy Midnight Bowtie Panties from Sofishie are the perfect risque addition to your wardrobe!

  • Small, medium, large and XL sizes available
  • 9 different color choices
  • Affordable prices for premium quality
  • Minimum quantity discounts available


Perfect for any time of the day when the mood strikes, these open-back panties are as stylish are they are sexy. This piece of fine lingerie is among some of the hottest women’s underwear on the market, giving you the confidence and power that you deserve in the bedroom or wherever the moment takes you. Ready to go when you are, this piece of open back underwear is also known as “easy access panties”, so you can keep your lingerie nightwear on while you get down to important business.

Whether you’ve planned a sexy date with a lover or you want to surprise that special someone, our crotchless panties are sure to wow your partner. As far as online lingerie shopping goes, make Sofishie your go-to choice for racy lingerie, cut out panties, and other hot panties for sale. Get your own pair of Bow Tie Panties today!

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